Alabama’s Standards Keep Alabama Strong

“Public schools should enable the American citizen to "understand his duties to his neighbors and country, and to discharge with competence the functions confided to him by either." 

-- Thomas Jefferson

Alabama’s schools are leading the way in forming the next generation of Alabamians who will carry our state’s strong value traditions alive forward by:

  • Promoting good citizenship:
    • Alabama's College and Career Ready Standards encourage students to think critically and promote civil discussion about what they are learning.
    • The state-level decision made by task forces of Alabama educators was based on protecting Alabama’s value traditions and promoting better acclimated citizens who can actively participate in our nation’s democratic society. 
  • Requiring all students to study and understand the implications of:
    • Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards ensure today's students read critical documents from our nation's founding and understand the implications of these documents in order to exercise critical thinking that guarantees Alabama citizens play an active role in America’s future.
      • The Declaration of Independence
      • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
      • Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
  • Protecting local decision making in education: 
    • Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards set benchmarks to ensure every student is fully prepared for the next grade level and for life after graduation.
    • Local school systems select the textbooks used and teachers determine the reading material selection and teaching methods used in their classroom to meet the state’s expectations.